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Mircom’s INX-10A is an Intelligent NAC expander/power supply that works on the addressable initiating circuit (SLC/ DCL) of the listed compatible Intelligent fire alarm control panels, or, as a NAC expander of any UL/ULC listed 24VDC conventional fire alarm control panel. Available in a 10 Amp configuration, the INX-10A can extend the power capabilities of existing notification appliance circuits as well as provide
power for other ancillary devices. In addition, the INX-10A has the ability to operate with any UL/ULC Listed 24 VDC fire alarm control panel to provide Notification Appliance Circuitexpansion.

The INX-10A is equipped with five individual Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z) output circuits that can be independently configured for NAC operation or auxiliary power. The INX-10A provides the option of configuring all five circuits as an output to provide general purpose power. Output circuits four and five can be configured to provide auxiliary power for four-wire detectors or door holders.

Each output circuit is rated for 2.5 Amps. When configured for NAC operation the outputs can be set for Steady, Temporal Code, California Code or March Time. In addition the output circuits have field selectable built-in strobe and horn synchronization protocols to support Mircom, Amseco, System Sensor, Wheelock and Gentex devices, eliminating the need for additional external synchronization modules.


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Peso 13 kg
Dimensiones 59 × 44 × 20 cm


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